First Minority Hindu Lady Ms. Sunita Parmar is Contesting on PS-56 in Thar Desert-Election 2018


Sunita Parmar is Contesting on PS-56 in Thar Desert-Election 2018
By: Arjun Pattel

Ms. Sunita Parmar candidate of PS-56-Election 2018, belongs to a Meghwar Community of small village Memon Jo Tar located near Islamkot.

According to census 2017 total population of District Tharparkar is 16,49,946 populations out of which around half of the population is Hindus and total number of voters on PS-56 is 1,52,237 including 85,304 men and 66,933 women.

According to her message going viral on social media, her main goal is improving the woman status in society, especially in education and health sector. She said in her video in Thar’s history, no any political party has given a ticket to any woman for the general seat because these parties know that women would oppose their rigging and will be hurdle in their corrupt practices.

Sanita Parmar said in her video, PPP & other ruling parties are the responsible for the conditions of Thar & Sindh. These greedy peoples are always ruling on the name of wheat bag, sewing machine and Benazir Income Support Program Card.

Sunita Parmar said her goal is very clear and she is contesting election for improving the system and ensuring the girls education, basic health facilities at doorstep, food & water security of Thari women.