Facebook Offers Support To ECP In Election-2018, By Making Exclusive Trend-Election 2018


It has been reported that Facebook a leading social media site, has contacted with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to support in Election 2018 through making an exclusive trend for General Election 2018 of Pakistan. ECP authorities shared that they have not any official Facebook Page, hence they will seriously discuss and review the matter and respond to Facebook. Facebook authorities also offered the ECP about removing the all fake pages of the political parties.
According to reliable sources Facebook will run an advertisement campaign for voters and FB will promote the Voter Verification ‘8300’ service of ECP. FB team is also seriously working on security, safety issue and help to detect and prevent for negative actors or abuse on Facebook.

Following is the Facebook’s Statement about Election 2018 of Pakistan:
“We have been working proactively with the Election Commission of Pakistan to help support their effort to maintain the integrity of the election. Facebook has helped educate Election Commission officials on how our platform works with the goal of increasing transparency, improving security, and promoting civic engagement”.


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