The coal is a biggest dirty energy source_historic first day of the Global Climate Strike and marches in the Pacific


Human activities are very badly causing the atmosphere. All activities which are the causing the increase of carbon in atmosphere are the key reason of climate change.
These all man-made sources of the carbon pollution are warming the climate, damaging soil conditions, water quality and becoming the cause of desertification.

In which the very biggest dirty source of energy is COAL. Coal accounted for 45% of global, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2011 and is the world’s leading source of energy-related carbon pollution.

The sun has set on this historic first day of the Global Climate Strike and marches in the Pacific and allies in Africa and Europe, the strikes are hitting full swing.

Slogan Against Dirty Energy Source

QUIT Coal, Oil and Gas
Time to Quit Coal
Say No to Dirty Coal
Dirty Coal is a Dirty Investment
Dirty Coal Dirty Money
No Coal is Clean Coal
No More Coal
End the Age of Coal
Action Against Coal
Real Climate Action
We Will Stop Your Machines
We Stand for the Land Planet Over Profits
We Need a Clean Energy Future.
Climate Change is Happening.
Coal Causes Climate Change
Coal is Criminal in a Warming World
Coal is Criminal Big Coal – Organized Crime
Dirty Coal Dirty Lies
Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie
Clean Coal Dirty Lie
Clean Coal is Like Dry Water
Coal is Cooking the Planet
Stop Funding Coal.
This Disruption Does Not Equal Your Coal Fueled Destruction
Big Coal Climate Catastrophe
End the Coal Addiction
No more mining in the Thar Desert.
Food Bowls Not Coal Holes
Food Before Coal
Forest Before Coal
Save Endangered Species
Endangered Species Before Coal
Threatened Species More Important than Coal
It’s Got To Stop Now!
Coal Out Renewable In
Solar & Wind Not Dirty Coal
Big Solar Not Big Coal
Water More Precious Than Coal
Our Water Our Future
Water is Life, Coal is Death, Choose it wisely.
Koalas Can’t Eat Coal
What About Me? Koala picture
Coal Kills Koalas
Koala Haven NOT White haven
Coal Mining Kills Koalas
Koalas Not Coal
Break Free from Coal
Hollow Promises
80% of Fossil Fuels Must Stay in the Ground
This is What Climate Action Looks Like
Stop It!
NSW Corruption
NO to Dangerous Coal
Divest from Coal Before It’s Too Late
United Against Coal
Coal is So Last Century.
Clean Energy Now!
Cops Are Tops. Police Against Climate Crime.
Cops Are Tops. Police Fighting Climate Crime.
Water Not Coal
Coal is Not the Answer
End the Coal Addiction
Coal is Done and Dusted
Coal is a Bad Investment
Enough Is Enough
Critically Endangered Species
Protect the Planet Not Profits
It’s Time to Take Action
No More Black Holes
Coal + CSG = Fire, Flood, Famine
White haven Black Hell
Big Coal With picture of dead inverted canary