Followers of AT Pays Tribute to Rasul Bux Palijo At His ‘Chehlum’.


Followers of Awami Tahreek and Students of Palijo University pays tribute to Qaid-E-Inqulab, world famous name of left politics Rasool Bux Palijo on his Chehlum at his native village Mungar Khan Palijo, Thatta on Saturday July 14, 2018.
Thousands of workers of Awami Tahreek, Sindhyani Tahreek, Sindhi Shagrid Tahreek, Sndhi Girls Students Taheerk, Sindhi Hari Tahreek, including other lovers and followers of Palijo several social & political figures including world-famous a Pakistani social activist, theater director and exponent of Bharatnatyam dancer Sheema Kermani, Dr Qadir Magsi (STP Chairman), Sartaj Ahmed Chandio, Mir Mazhar Talpur, Fazil Raho, Shahnaz Raho, Sussi Palijo joined the ceremony and payed tribute for struggle and sacrifices of RB Palijo for the nation.

Sheema Karmani, Dr, Qadir Magsi, Wasand Thari, Obhayo Junijo, Sasui Palijo, Sartaj Chandio, Mazhar Talpur and other leaders said; we are followers of RB Palijo because of the intellectualism, continuous struggle and sacrifices for the nation, struggle for resource rights and management and real women empowerment in Pakistan.