Youth Training Specialist


Youth Training Specialist

Project Summary:
Creative is seeking a Youth Training Specialist for an anticipated USAID Pakistan Youth Development project. The project will prepare youth for workforce participation (employment or entrepreneurship) by focusing education assistance on skills acquisition and civic engagement. It will support youth as they emerge from training programs to identify employment opportunities or pursue entrepreneurial ventures to improve livelihoods, reduce the prospect of economic marginalization, serve as role models for other youth and contribute to Pakistan’s economic growth.

Position Summary:
The Youth Training Specialist will take a lead role in improving the quality and relevance of education, training, and job placement support offered by target workforce development institutions. The Specialist will lead the development and adaptation of curricula in line with employer needs, and enhancement of youth skill building for vocational, soft, and employability skills. The Specialist will work with workforce development institutions to improve and expand their service offerings—either through in-house improvements and/or through partnerships—to include job intermediation functions such as internships, job matching, job information, career counseling, mentoring, entrepreneurship support and other important follow-on support.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Develops and implements project approach to enhancing local capacity for providing youth with demand driven training and related support services for employment and entrepreneurship;
  • Designs and facilitates stakeholder consultation with youth, the business community, the Ministry of Education, civic organizations, and others to inform project approach and activities;
  • Supervises provision of technical assistance and training to achieve project objectives; and
  • Liaises with Ministry of Education representatives on technical matters, in coordination with other project staff.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Education, Business, Economics, Public Administration, Sociology or a closely related field. Master’s degree in a field related to workforce development strongly preferred;
  • Minimum of eight (8) years’ experience with youth, workforce development, and/or entrepreneurship;
  • Demonstrated experience building local capacity to develop demand-driven curricula and strengthen capacity to train and place youth in the workforce (employment or entrepreneurship);
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in youth, curriculum development, local capacity building for workforce and entrepreneurship institutions, and/or related programming;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork; and
  • Professionally proficient and fluent in written and spoken English and local languages.

Local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.