Woman of Thar Desert and her Household Chores


Tharparkar is the arid zone, where droughts are frequent, and water is scarce for up to 10 months of the year. The area of 19638 square kilometers have not same type of soil structure and texture, the area can be divided into nine different ecological zone everyone has its own characteristics such as texture, soil type, water quality, water table, water quantity and vegetation cover.

Mostly peoples depending upon rain-fed agriculture and livestock. Livestock depend on communal grazing pastures as well as these communal pastureland are a lifeline providing fuel, wood and medicinal plants. To help support their families, the menfolk have been migrating to Hyderabad, Karachi and other cities, leaving the women to look after as best they can.

Woman of Thar Desert is the key responsible for caring their children, caring, milking, feeding and watering the livestock, fetching water drinking and domestic use regularly.

Woman of Tharparkar is also responsible for supporting male members in preparing land for rain-fed agriculture, cultivating, caring the crops, fencing the agricultural land and harvesting the crops.

According to new research, “Women do twice as much housework as men even when they have done a full day in the office” but a woman of Thar Desert does four times much housework as man of Thar Desert do in full day.

Women household chores are including but not limited to cooking, cleaning the houses, cleaning the cattle sheds, washing cloths of whole family, childcare, making embroidery and Managing the family budget. All above discussed responsibilities, woman has been performing free of cost since decades because man made society still not agreeing that all these are economic activities.

Women are on open dug well for fetching drinking water.

The responsibilities of rural women are totally different than urban woman but now the situation is going to be changed due to increase the girls’ education ratio, change in livelihood sources and increased urbanization. Woman has started supporting in income generating activating such as doing jobs, dumper driving, embroidery marketing, home based businesses and politics too hope fully women are no longer trapped in the home.


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