What is Environmental Pollution | Pollution a Big Problem of World


Environmental pollution has emerged a big problem in the world. This is due to increasing of population, rapidly industrialization and smoke of cars,   heavy vehicles. Our dirty practices such as coal mines, dirty energy sources, coal burning and industries are also the causes of environmental pollution.

Our environment has entered as a new science. To make aware the people about environmental pollution.

Pollution has following three types:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Land Pollution

Air Pollution:

Air is most essential part of human for living, there is a number of gases in the air but the air is composed of Oxygen. Our air has become polluted due to CO2, Smoke, CO, soot.

The smoke is poisonous, which destroy our life. We are urbanizing and very fast running to industrialization, we are destroying our nature, rural life, range-lands, agriculture, and forests.  Our practices against nature is affecting our air and air pollution is increases day by day.

Water Pollution:

Out Body consist of 70% water. Total 71% of our earth is under water and only 28% is land. About 28% water is fresh and drinkable remaining 68.2% water is saline. When harmful substance, chemicals, waste of our houses and factories, microorganisms mixes with water make it contaminate, dirty and toxic to human and environment that is called water pollution. There are three types of water contamination/pollution 1. Physical, 2. Biological and 3. Chemical contamination.

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The waste of our houses, factories, industries is affecting our water very badly, we are very careless and our anti environment actions are polluting out water day by day.

Land Pollution:

Land pollution occurs when our anti nature activities destroys the soil, forest resulting deforestation, desertification, soil erosion, continuous droughts and Natural Disasters.

Factors causing land pollution

  • Deforestation and desertification
  • Wind erosion
  • Water Logging
  • Lack of Waste management practices
  • Waste and Chemical Contamination
  • Use of more fertilizer
  • Unnatural Agi-Inputs
  • Use of waste water (without any treatment) for agriculture

Pollution is big problem of world, to control it:

Decrease the number of factories, minimize the dirty energy source. Do shift your energy need on solar energy powers. Reduced the use personal car, use public transport. Stop use of polythene rapers. To start using the cloth bags on the replacement of polythene rapers.

Pollution is big problem of world, play your role and start planing more trees and GO GREEN and make world green.