VidCon Conference 2018 “To Celebrate The Power of Online Video” | Getting Together Fans, Creators and Advertisers


VidCon is for peoples who love and make online videos:

A big conference of creators and industry leaders will create new opportunities, new road-maps of making online videos and using advertises of world largest industries.

Vidcon 2018 Tracks:

  1. Community Track: It is the opportunity to get-together with biggest creators.
  2. Creator Track: It is the opportunity to bring yourself on your interest and attend creator’s workshops and learn from their experiences and share your experiences.
  3. Industry Track: It is the opportunity to learn about the strategies of industries and develop your strategies according to the strategies of industries and grow your channels and business.

According to media reports, creators’ videos, articles VidCon will create an amazing opportunity and attracts more traditional media as online video matures. This conference VidCon 2018 will help creators to involve more industries, build the communities stronger and earn more.

YouTube announced that; “I just stepped off the stage at VidCon, a conference created from scratch by Hank and John Green in 2010 that brings together fans, creators, and industry leaders to celebrate the power of online video”.


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