Very Useful and Economic Tree of the Thar Desert Kumbhat (Acacia Senegal)


Very Useful and Economic Tree of the Thar Desert Kumbhat (Acacia Senegal)

Kumbhat is the very useful and economic tree of the Thar Desert, known as “Acacia Senegal” which is known by many local and common names, such as Gum Tree, Gum Acacia, Gum Arabic Tree, Sudan Gum etc. In Tharparkar its local name is KUMBHAT, also in Rajasthan, India also known as Kunbhat.

Naturally it grows in sides of sand dunes, its height is about 5-12 m and the flowering season is January to March.

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Each part of the #Kmnbhat Tree including root, wood, branches, leaves, flower, fruit, seed and gum.

Rope: Roots of the kumbhat are quite useful in making all kinds of very strong ropes and cords.

Wood: Wood of Acacia Senegal is used as a fire wood in desert as well as used to make handles for tools, and parts for weaving looms.
Gum: The gum is drained from cuts in the bark, and an individual tree will yield 200 to 300 grams.

Leaves, Flower & Fruit are the favorite fodder of camel & goats (livestock).

Agriculture: Kumbhat as like other legume species, fixes nitrogen within Rhizobia or nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in root nodules. So, kumbhat enriches the poor soils where it is grown, allowing for the rotation of other crops in naturally nutrient-poor regions.
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