Triggering process for Declare ODF Villages of Rural Areas, Triggering in Community Led Total Sanitation-CLTS


Triggering is the main tool in CLTS approach, in this process it is an event, some actions, process, or situation to happen and causing someone emotional distress, typically as a result of arousing feelings or memories associated with a particular traumatic experience.
Following are some steps of triggering process:

  • To organize the Village Level Community Broad Meeting and emphasizing that, it is for learning about their sanitation situation.
  • To orient the community on basic information of CLTS, ODF and Sanitation.
  • To facilitate the community and draw the village map on ground, specially draw the main sites in the village then the main sites for defecation.
  • To facilitate the “Walk of Shame”, walk form village streets, identify the sites where you see open defecation and gather the community to the sites of Open Defecation.
  • Try to sensitize the community on open defecation site and try to take a piece of feces in a bag.
  • Put feces on the floor in front of the community and discuss the way flies move between food and feces.
  • Wait for the shocked realization that the community is indirectly eating each other’s feces.
  • Put some feces into a water bottle and ask community if they would drink it.
  • To calculate how much feces is produced each day, month and year and ask where it goes.
  • To provide the low-cost designs of latrine.
  • To sensitize the community till all of them agree to construct latrine and stop open defecation.


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