Travel Guide for Visit to Kaghan Naran. Cheapest Way to Travel From Islamabad to Naran.


Naran is very popular and beautiful place of the Pakistan. Naran is very easy accessible if you’re looking for an escape from the sweltering cities of Pakistan!

Travel from your home place to Islamabad: It depends upon you for selecting the way to reach Islamabad. Train is the cheapest way to reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Islamabad to Naran: The route to reach Naran is Islamabad – Abbottabad – Mansehra – Balakot – Kaghan to Naran. There are many ways to travel from Islamabad, but we will suggest selecting DAEWOO bus service because the service is quite comfortable than other bus services. You can easily get Daewoo bus from DAEWOO Bus Stop Rawalpindi, click here check out the Daewoo bus service timings.

Daewoo will take three hours to reach Abbottabad and Daewoo shuttle service (Daewoo Ven) will take 30 minutes to reach Mansehra and your will reach Mansehra in four to five hours including waiting times at bus stops.

Local van stop is on the right side of Daewoo Stop Mansehra at 3-5 minutes walking distance. At the van stop you will get van for Naran, and this van will take 4 to 5 hours (It depends upon traffic on road and seasonal conditions) to Naran.