Pollution and Kinds of Pollution


Pollution refer to the very bad condition of environment in term of quantity & quality. When harmful substance contaminate the environment is called POLLUTION:

Types of Pollution:

There are five types of pollution, 1). Air Pollution, 2) Water Pollution, 3) Noise Pollution, 4) Land Pollution and 5) Radioactive Pollution.

Air Pollution:

Atmosphere: Atmosphere is the life blanket of Earth. It is therefore essential that we know more about atmosphere and way how it polluted.

Air pollution occurs when the harmful substance such as dust particles, different gases, carbon particles, biological molecules and chemical molecules contaminate the Air.

Causes of Air Pollution: Mechanical Agriculture, Agree-Inputs, Mining Operations, Burning of Fossil Fuels (Coal, Petroleum), Exhaust from factories, industries and Indoor air pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution:

  1. Global Warming
  2. Health Issues (Respiratory Problems)
  3. Acid Rains
  4. Effect on Wildlife
  5. Eutrophication
  6. Depletion of the OZONE layer