Nutritional Value of P. pistillaris (Khumbhi-Mushroom), A Delicious Wild Vegetable of Thar Desert-Sindh Pakistan


The desert fungi Podaxis pistillaris (locally known as Khumbhi) with an oval-shaped periodium, rigid and woody stipe and very dark spores is considered a culinary specialty or decadent organic food.
It has been used as food in Tharparkar desert including all regions of Pakistan and other countries such as India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others.
The Podaxis pistillaris can form an important constituent of supplementary food and the nutritional value of fungi Podaxis pistillaris is very high. According to different research reports Podaxis pistillaris is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and low in fat content and contains 41.4% of amino acids.
According to the proximate composition and energy value, Podaxis pistillaris has:
22 to 37% total crude protein,
76% moisture,
5% nitrogen,
18.5% carbohydrates (77g/100g Carbohydrates)
2.3% total lipids and
2.4% ash.
Some % of Potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc contents
0.06 mg/kg Cadmium and lead contents
2g/100g fat content
387kCal/100g energy value
Note: The information has been collected from different research reports, so it may be different form actual lab results with ±%.  

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