Major Tourist Attractions of The Thar Desert, Sindh Pakistan


Tharparkar Desert is about 19,638 km2 (7,582 sq mi) an Arid, Subtropical desert land of Sindh province. The Tharparkar Region forms part of the bigger desert of the same name that sprawls over a vast area of Pakistan and India from Cholistan to Nagarparkar in Pakistan and from the south of the Haryana down to Rajasthan in India.
Thar Desert is an open natural museum, which is consists on seven different ecological zones, sand dunes covered with thorny bushes, drought resistant desert Trees. Every year in monsoon soon season, all Valleys, Sand Dunes and desert tracks goes lush green, which offers many tourist attractions in the region. Also, the diversified habitat and beautiful ecosystem of the Thar desert offers many tourist attractions in the region and home to some endangered species of wild animals, which are vanishing in other parts of the country.

Culture Thar Desert
The Thar desert is very rich in culture, folk music, folk dance, colorful traditional dresses and jewelry. Thari Language (Dhatki, Parkari), Jain Temples, Sand Dunes, Wild Organic Food, Wild Vegetables, Open Sky, Romantic Moon Nights and Handicrafts are the attraction of the region.

Towns of Thar Desert  
The towns of Tharparkar Desert of Sindh, Pakistan includes the Mithi (District Head Quarter), Islamkot, Chelhar, Diplo, Chachro, Mubarik Rind, Dano Dhandhal, Verahwan & Nagarparkar.

Flora of Thar Desert
Numerous types of Shrubs, Bushes, Grasses and Drought resistant Trees such


  • Khejri/Kandi (English Name: Prosopis cineraria, Scientific Name: Prosopis cineraria & Family Name: Fabaceae)
  • Roheero/Rohida (English Name: Desert teak or Marwar teak, Scientific Name: Tecomella undulata Family Name: Bignoniaceae)
  • Neem/Nim, (English Name: Neem & Scientific Name: Azadirachtaindica, Family Name: Meliaceae)
  • Kumbhat (English Name: Acacia Senegal, Scientific Name: Senegalia Senegal & Family Name: Fabaceae)
  • Kirir/Kair (English Name: Caper, Scientific Name: Capparis Decidua & Family Name: Capparaceae)
  • Babur/Kikar (English Name: Gum arabica, Scientific name: Acacia nilotica & Family Name: Fabaceae)
  • Devi (English Name: Mesquite Scientific Name: Prosopisjuliflora & Family Name: Leguminosae or Fabaceae)


  • Booh (English Name: Snow Bush, Scientific Name: Aerva javanica & Family Name: Amaranthaceae)
  • Khip (English Name: Broom Brush, Scientific Name: Leptadenia pyrotechnica & Family Name: Apocynaceae)
  • Aak (English Name: Apple of Sodom, Scientific Name: Calotropis procera & Family Name: Asclepiadaceae)
  • Phog (English Name: Calligonum polygonoides, Scientific Name: Calligonum polygonoides & Family Name: Polygonaceae
  • Thuhar (English Name: Milk Hedge, Scientific Name: Euphorbia Neriifolia & Family Name: Euphorbiaceae)
  • Ber/Jhar Beri (English Name: Jujube, Scientific Name: Ziziphus nummularia & Family Name: Rhamnaceae)
  • Guglan/Googral/Guggal (English Name: Mukul Myrrh Tree, Scientific Name: Commiphora wightii Family Name: Burseaceae)
  • Son Makkai (English Name: Alexandrian Senna, Scientific Name: Cassia angustifolia M. Vahl & Family Name: Fabaceae)

Tourist Point of Thar Desert

Mithi (District Head Quarter):

  • Sand Dunes, Safari
  • Gadhi Bhit
  • Temple
  • Special Sweet
  • Pabuhar Tarai (natural pond)
  • Cafe Thar


  • Ranasar Tarai
  • Temples
  • Raichand Rathore Library


  • Tharparkar Museum
  • Temple Nenuram (Aakharo)
  • Thar Coal


  • Ghurho Tarai
  • Gori Temple
  • Marvi Jo Koh
  • Bhodesar (Talla, Temple, Mosque)
  • Karoonjhar Hills
  • Kasibo
  • Chooriyo
  • Rann of Kach
  • Dams
  • Tarvat jo Thalho
  • Sardaro
  • Anchelasar



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