List of Organic Food in Thar Desert | Rain Feed Vegetables and Wild Fruits of Thar Desert


It is not complete list of organic foods in Thar desert or rain feed vegetable and fruits of Thar desert. I have tried to share the most common nutritious and pure organic vegetable, wild fruits, Thar desert plants as an organic food example.

Thar Desert Sindh Pakistan

Tharparkar is one of the mysterious destinations of world. It is the fertile desert with spectacular landscapes (an open natural museum), Sand Dunes. There are so many tourist places attracts the visitors in-which Karoonjhar Hills (Granite Stone) in one of them. Thar coal mines, China Clay mines, Salt Mines are famous in the world. A Salt Marsh (The Great Rann of Kutch), Open grazing areas for wild animal, Jain Temples are also best places to visit. Attractive Moon Nights, Pure Organic Foods and pure hospitality of Thari peoples are the real mystery of thar.

Thar desert is an attractive place of tourists. Every year numerous local, national and international tourists are visiting, these mysterious places of Tharparkar. Some many tourist wants to know about the rich history and culture of area, strong beliefs/traditions and interfaith harmony. Most of them wants accurate information about wildlife and pure organic foods.

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Rain Feed Vegetables – Wild Fruits of Thar Desert

Thar is the name of thirst and Thari (people of Thar) is the symbol of rain lover. The main livelihood sources of Thari are rainfed agriculture and livestock. Both of these sources are totally rain dependent. After getting good rains, peoples of Thar cultivate the fields with plow and leave their cattle for grazing in the meadows. Also, many sorts of seasonal indigenous vegetables and fruits grow in the Tharparkar desert. It is an important that people do not sow grain of those indigenous vegetables and fruits, all these grown up naturally.

Organic Food of Thar Desert:

The rain feed food production of is a way of farming, that pays very close attention to nature. Any use of chemical, artificial fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulators and pollutes water. It is totally natural and environmentally rich production.

Naturally, these foods can be found in different seasons. Mostly green vegetables grown in monsoon season and Wild vegetables and fruit grown in summer.

Summer Varieties:

  • Singri (Pod of khejri),
  • Ker (like pomegranate),
  • Peelu (like grapes)

Monsoon Varieties:

  • Caralluma common name (Pip/Pipaan/ Pipun),
  • Amaranth common name (Mariro),
  • False amaranth common name (Lular),
  • Melon Round,
  • Snap Melon
  • Mushroom common name (Khunbhi)

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List of Organic Food in Thar (Vegetables, Fruits, Grain)

  • Millet (Bajhra ki Roti)
  • Caralluma – Pip/Pipaan/ Pipun
  • Mashroom (Khunbhi)
  • Mariro (amaranth)
  • Lular (false amaranth)
  • Bagro
  • Pod of Khejri (Singri / Sangri)
  • Tendsi (dried wild tinda)
  • Phogesi/Phogalo (flowers of phog tree)
  • Moong (Green Grams)
  • Chonra
  • Korar / Moth
  • Guwar (cluster Bean)
  • Karela (Small)
  • Ker
  • Melon Round (Chibhar)
  • Snap Melon (Kachire of Snap Melon)
  • Unripe Watermelon
  • Chapra (seeds of kumbat)
  • Bhurt (Cenchroide/ pennisetum polystachion)

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