‘Kandi/Khejri’ A Tree of Arid Zone, Thar Desert Sindh Pakistan


Kandi/Khejri is a drought tolerant fuel and fodder tree, the Botanical name of Kandi/Khejri is Prosopis cineraria, it belongs to Fabaceae family of Plant Kingdom. khejri (Prosopis cineraria) is very important tree of Thar Desert Sindh because Kandi/khejri has climatic adaptation and can easily survive in a broad range of climatic variation and resist at above 500c temperature.

Locally peoples of Thar Desert called the king of Desert because in all conditions every year Kandi provide Singri (vegetable for human & fodder for animals) and fodder (green leaves) for animal around the year.
Although Khejri is fast growing tree but it takes time to get mature, average height of the tree is about 6-7 meters high, internodal prickles, straight, acroscopic branches. The Taproot goes very deep, so tree can survive in many droughts. Khejri has Jugate leaves. The flowers (commonly called munjar) are yellow in clolor and glabrous with 0.8–1 mm long calyx, 3-4 mm long corolla and 0.8–1 mm long anthers. The Fruit (commonly called singre) is slender like about 10–20cm long.


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