Responsibilities of a good citizen in society


A Good Citizen

Before I discuss, what a good citizen is, let us see what a society do for him. Thousand of years ago men used to live in cages live a life like animals. They hunt other human and animals for food and lived hardly. We use, to call them savages.

At first, they began to live in groups, then in tribes than they started to live in family. Later, they settled along bank of river and lakes. There town we too small. They live their life peacefully. They all work for their feeds.

As the society grew larger and as men become more civilized many more profession and occupation developed. Such like doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer, artist, musician. Question is that what society gives us. Society gives us everything what we want. They give us house for living, shop for shopping and television for entertainment. We should pay to it. We should be a good citizen.

We have to obey these points to become a good citizen.

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Tolerance
  • Trust full

By growing these points, we will become a good citizen in society.

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It is also duty of every citizen to understand the problems of his or her country. He must co-operate with the government for solving those problems. Problem facing in Pakistan are

  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Population growth

For establishment of a new society, these, problem should be solved through proper education and hard work. Government of Pakistan has started many institutions, for solving these problems for example health, education, social welfare etc.

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Our duty is to obey these to become a good citizen. We should patriotic to our country. We also should be honest but not be corrupt. We should pay taxes to government. We must have to be truthful. We should have to speak gently and respect to elders

We must to love our youngsters. If we obey these, points then will become a responsible citizen of a society. We do not have to pollute our environment. We have to be fair with everyone not be unfair. We will to be successful in our life if we became a good citizen.

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