Graveyard of Kalash; People who celebrates death too


Graveyard of Kalash; People who celebrates death too..!!
By: Mukesh Raja
The graveyard in Karakal village in Bumboret Valley does not have any boundaries marking the enclosure save some trees which are venerated due to their presence in the vicinity.
The body of the deceased is brought to the graveyard on a charpoy and placed in a wooden coffin-like box. Similar to customs of ancient Egyptians; food, mostly fruits and nuts, war equipment and often vessels, utensils and money are placed in the box containing the body. The people of the valleys believe these are essential items to start the journey into the afterlife.
The box is then left on the premises along with the charpoy which is kept in an inverted position.
However, recently the Kalash community has started to bury their dead. Some people believe this is to create more room at the cemetery, while others say it is to avoid air pollution caused by rotting bodies left exposed to the elements.


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