Girls Right to Education


In village parents do not allow their daughter for education. Also girls have right for education but they are dumped in home just do the house work but this is wrong, they should be allowed for getting education. Education of girls is less than boys for that our country is backward we should allow them. Their parent always tell them what will you do by getting education  in future you have marry and response your kitchen work. Today population of Pakistan is 21 crore and 58 lac from it only 5 lac girls are getting education.

If all of girls of Pakistan get education our country will be known as educational country. Every country call us with respectively so there is a story of a village girl who wants to get education, but his parents do not allow him to get education. She leave her parents one day and she get education. When she was at 28 age, she become DC of district then, she went back to her home and her parents realize that also girl have right to get education.