Drought Resistant Trees of Thar Desert | Local & Scientific Names of Desert Plants


Drought Resistant Trees of Thar Desert | Local & Scientific Names of Desert Plants:

The soil of Tharpakar District (Thar Desert) of Pakistan is very fertile and totally depend upon rains, therefore, safe and sweet drinking water is the scare throughout the Thar.

Peoples mostly are depending upon rainfed agriculture and livestock.

Due to continuous droughts, severe winds are the degrading the soil, which increases the desertification in the area and affecting the livelihood sources of indigenous peoples very badly.

Numerous species of herbs can be found in rainy season and Desert Shrubs and Drought resistant trees can be found throughout the year. This natural ground cover of shrubs, trees and herbs is nutritive and a palatable fodder for the livestock.

The common trees of the desert are:

  • Neem (azatr;teha indica)
  • Kumbhat (Acacia Senegal)
  • Kirir/Kair (Capparis Decisua)
  • Ber/Beri (Ziziphus nummalaria)
  • Roheero (Tecomella undulata)
  • Thuhar (euphorbia caducifolia)
  • Phog (calligonum polygonoeides)
  • Ak (calotropis gigantea)
  • Babur/babul/Kikar (acacica nilotica)
  • Khabar/Jar (salvudora oleoides)


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