Drought Impacts, this is the real time to understand drought preparedness.


Following are the key Impacts of Drought:

  1. Loss of water sources
  2. Less access to food
  3. Loss of livelihood
  4. Loss of fodder for livestock
  5. Livestock become feeble/weak
  6. Drop in market rates of livestock
  7. Migration of community
  8. Children drop out of schools
  9. Increase in malnutrition
  10. Increase in anemia and night blindness
  11. Increase in infant and maternal mortality rates
  12. Increase in debt burden of poor and poverty
  13. Increase in soil erosion and loss of soil fertility
  14. Loss of trees and vegetation (loss of biodiversity)
  15. Increase in desertification
  16. Increase in work burden of women
  17. Migrated family may become bonded laborer in Barrage areas