Apple-Company is Releasing Dual-SIM iPhone Model This Year


We have already share that Apple is planning to release Dual-SIM iPhone, and now Tech media confirms that Apple is releasing Dual-SIM iPhone this year:
Rumors on tech media shows company is going to launch three new smartphones 1) iPhone 9 2) iPhone 11 3) iPhone 11 Plus this year and it has been reported that new smartphones will be dual-SIM standby.

According to the information released by MacRumours and 21st Century Business Herald the one SIM card can be insert by SIM card, while 2nd will be an embedded Apple SIM or an eSIM within the phone but specially China and other countries will have an issue, where Apple SIM is not available.

According to the information share by Ming-Chi Kuo an Apple analyst, the dual-SIM variants will be priced separately to the singe SIM variants.


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