Agricultural Problem in Pakistan and Solution


Agriculture is a main occupation of the people of Pakistan. More than 70% of the people of Pakistan are involved in agriculture. Large number of cash crop and food crop grow in Pakistan.The local farmers are facing some Agricultural Problems in Pakistan so therefore, the agricultural yield rate is very low.

Major Agricultural Problems in Pakistan

The sector is facing many problems, here i would like to share few major agricultural problems in Pakistan with suitable solutions.

A: Low literacy rate:

Literacy rate of the country is low. Majority of our farmer are uneducated and do not have a knowledge about the modern farming. They have a little knowledge about the use of fertilizer, with the result that their production per square kilometer in far below the requirement of country.

B: Increasing the number of farmers:

The number of people who depend on agriculture but the process of bringing more area under cultivation is quite slow. This has resulted in decrease in per square km area of cultivation.

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C: Non_ mechanical cultivation:

Our farmers are still using old wooden plough, animal dung fertilizer local seeds and old method of ploughing crops. This is cause of that our production rate is too low. Farmer still uses animal carts for ploughing crops.

D: Limit of Agricultural Land:

Agricultural land of Pakistan is divided into two groups. The landlord group has vast areas of land, but they do not cultivate themselves hence vast areas of land remain un cultivated and barren.

E: Role of Agricultural Department:

Role of Agricultural department is not much effective because our farmer does not faith in the advice of Agricultural department. The farmer believes in the old method and experiences gained from their forefathers.

F: Soil Erosion:

Soil erosion is caused by rains and other natural disaster like storm wind, snowfall and earthquake. The remove away of top layer of earth or in other words remove of fertile upper crust of earth. This result is low yield.

G: Water-logging and salinity:

water logging is the saturation of soil and water. Large canal in the province of Punjab and Sindh have been remembered useless due to water logging and salinity. The salinity means the dissolved inorganic salt in water or the saltiness in water.

H: Fragmentation of Land Holding:

It typically occurs when a large land holder/owner dies, and the land is split between children. The land splits between the children if the owner dies. For farming communities this means the farms reduce in size. As the result of fragmentation, the fertile land is divided into small land holding which restricts large scale production.

I: Insufficient means of transport:

Village are the main areas of agricultural production. But metaled roads are either not available or are in a bad shape, causing obstacle in quick transportation. Farmer therefore, contend themselves with small production of crops.

J: Difficulties in marketing of crops:

  1. About 40% agricultural produce is wasted in marketing.
  2. Due to poor practices the damages during the picking, harvesting
  3. Low margins, seasonality and high perishability being the distinct features of this industry the access to seed capital and working capital is not easy.
  4. Lack of storage facilities
  5. Unsafe, and Poor transport and communication facilities

K: unsuitable conditions:

Due to unsuitable living condition in the country side and non _availability of essential medical facilities, health of farmers and their families are affected.

How to solve agricultural problem in Pakistan?

We have to solve the major “Agricultural Problems in Pakistan” on priority bases.

  1. The land which is infertile due to salinity and water-logging. Infertile land should be treated by some environment friendly methods such as installing tube wells, plantation of saline tree for decreasing he salinity. The canal, water curse should be renovated by using bricks masonry or double plaster bed, concrete bed of lining the pre-fabricated concrete (pre-cast parabolic lining), pipe, plastic to get avoid from seepage.
  2. The water insecurity and scarcity are the major problem of agriculture in Pakistan. Most of the land lies unused because of infertility and salinity problem. So therefore, expanding the irrigation facilities, water management practices and smart agriculture practices for increasing the agricultural output.
  3. Most of the farmers are untrained and have not access to information and modern practices, also there is no any enough facilities for farmers which provides credit, required good seed, quality fertilizers and modern Agri-equipment. It has been observed that some commercial banks offer loan to farmers, but it is not enough, there is still a need for more facilities.
  4. According the requirement of soils, environment available quality and quantity of water seed should be provided to farmers at the lowest price and at the right time, which will increase the yield of production and income of farmer.
  5. As above discussed, that most of the farmers and illiterate and untrained, so therefore, there is the need for the day is to increase the literacy ratio in rural areas.
  6. Marketing methods should be streamlined, and the cultivators should be supplied with different marketing facilities.
  7. Access to markets should be ensured easy and safe for farmers.

Please help me to understand the issues and other agricultural problem in Pakistan and suitable solutions.